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The Me Too Movement

Having the ability to live in a peaceful environment is a fundamental human right. However, every country in the globe continues to experience sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). 'me too.' International's pioneering, survivor-focused leadership on SGBV in 2017 served as an inspiration for the global #MeToo movement and social transformation. Even though the movement has helped survivors achieve significant victories, movements like "me too" continue to be under-resourced

#MeToo Movement

The widely used hashtag and movement #MeToo serves to highlight the prevalence of sexual assault and dispel its stigma. The #MeToo movement has opened up new funding sources and helped make sexual abuse more widely known. Me Too International's main objectives are to unite a large number of survivors in order to provide support for survivors as they heal by giving them a sense of community and purpose as well as a vast number of resources, including emergency, legal, and ment

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