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angelique larsen– a story

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

tw: sa

my name is angelique larsen. i’m a sexual assault survivor and advocate. i’ve been working on spreading awareness for not only sexual assault but, [also] the effects of it. i am proud of how far i’ve come, and i’m always here to talk to anyone who needs it. on october 3rd, 2020 i had invited my boyfriend at the time over to my house because my family wasn’t home. as any couple would, we moved to the bed.

at first, everything was consensual and was great until he asked to perform oral sex on me. i originally said yes, [but] i immediately rethought my decision and began repeatedly saying “no” and “stop”. i even pushed him off of me, and he responded with, “i don’t care. you already said yes.”

then, [he] pinned my hands to my bed and continued anyway. i froze and almost started crying until he decided he was done. i didn’t even realize what had happened was assault until after we broke up in december, but by then, it was too late. people did support me at first. i was greeted with a lot of surprise that my assaulter would ever do that. like i said before, it was a little rocky to an extent because of social media and people’s wrong intentions. for the most part, i got a lot of support, but it is a lot harder for me to date anyone now. i tend to keep my distance and not want to interact with people of the same gender as my assaulter. i can say my personality has changed since then.

[if i could make a different choice on that day], i would not have invited him over when my family wasn’t home. that was my biggest mistake and regret.

i don’t think anything was my fault or that i could have avoided the event in general. on that specific day, had i not let him into my home, things might’ve been different. my assaulter was not properly punished. we’re in a family court case right now just so i can get a restraining order. he refuses to leave me alone. since all this, four other girls have come to me with stories of sexual harassment from him, and all i’m getting is a “possible” restraining order. justice has not been served. i really had no education on sa or rape to know what happened, what word to use, or who to turn to. i wish it was taught better in school and at home.

we believed that this story was extremely impactful and important since it showcases the fragility of trust and how anyone can completely break someone solely by taking advantage of that. taking advantage of one’s trust to engage in harmful acts is immoral and wrong.

it is crucial to note that anyone has the complete right to change their mind after consenting.

continuing after being told to stop is considered sexual assault and there is no justification for sexual assaulting someone.

if you would like to reach out to angelique, her instagram is @anxgelique and her tiktok is @angellarsen2188.

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