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Beyond Therapy - Festival of Activism Against Child Sexual Abuse

The Beyond Therapy Festival of Activism Against Child Sexual Abuse will be held May 19th at University of Bristol to support survivors. The festival offers trauma-informed yoga, body-focused therapies, and creative workshops to relax. There will also be panelists discussing the topic at hand along with six childhood sexual abuse survivors making art. Additionally, stand up comedy will be provided most likely to make victims laugh and there will be a short film for entertainment.

The festival is intended to raise awareness for childhood sexual abuse, normalize conversations surrounding this to make children feel safe, and provide support to survivors.

"Children and young people who experience sexual abuse face multiple barriers to accessing the essential care services they require. The abuse continues to be hidden and taboo and very often the only place survivors are offered to talk about abuse is in an individual therapy space or when asked to talk to the police. Victims often feel alone and have no one available for them to talk to. We urgently need to address how we can improve access to care for children and families, to go beyond providing therapies and a police report – to re-consider as a community what it means to rebuild a life after CSA.”

- Dr. Gemma Halliwell

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