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censored- an anonymous story

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

i had these [nudes] already [because] i was already talking to a few people. on october 8th, i got a text from a random number saying “hi, my name is jason”. i thought they must have gotten my phone number from instagram or something. i was trying to remember if i knew anyone named jason from my old or new school.

the guy who was texting me said “a friend accidentally sent me your nudes and your face is on the picture and video.”

he sent me proof so i knew he had the video and my pictures. he started saying, “if you don’t pay me $100 in the next 12 hours, i will post your nudes. you’ll become famous.” i started freaking out. it didn’t seem like a joke anymore. i was in the bathroom, sitting on the counter. i was so shocked this happened to me because i've never had anything happen to this extreme before. i called the police and i gave them my information. they said they would give my information to someone specialized in this department. i [kept] texting this person and was trying to figure out why they did this and who they were. i tried calling this person at the start and their location was in bethel, vermont. i didn’t know anyone from vermont and i kept asking who they were. they sounded like a grown man. i was sobbing, and i told 3 friends that night and asked for advice. i was texting my blackmailer and said, “i am getting paid and getting an allowance on the 31st of october.

at the time, i thought the police would help me, but they never did, i never got a callback.

this person said, “you're making me angry. i don’t know if i can wait.” i didn’t know how to express my feelings over text. i wish i had this conversation with the blackmailer in person. how would i explain over text that he holds my future and that he can do whatever he wants with it? i was crying that whole night, i couldn’t tell my family and i still have not told them. i’ve only told my siblings because we are close. he agreed to wait and said, “i’ll raise the price by $50.” i kept wondering how i could get that money. my parents don’t even give me $20 per month. they never gave me any cash and the only person with a card was my sister. i could not tell her at the time what was happening. this man kept checking up on me every few days and was asking questions like, “how are you.” the next 2 weeks, i searched up his number on facebook. i texted [some people from his city] and begged them to help me. i was so desperate for help from these strangers but i never got a text back. i had different friends pay little amounts. my friends were getting irritated because he kept nagging about the payment during school. my friend paid him the rest of the money and the blackmailer said he could not see the remaining $150. he showed me the picture and i did not see any transaction. i kept saying, “i wouldn’t lie to you. this is my future. why would i lie?”

[but i decided] i would solve the money issues later. i went to instagram and came clean [on my story]. i didn’t want to get my dms blown up by people saying they saw my pictures on different platforms.

i told them not to spread it if they saw it, but i knew people would still spread [my nudes]. the random number started texting me again. i have no idea what to do and i am scared that this man is trying to get back into my life. i should have gone to my older sister first. i wish i told her immediately, but i told her too late when [my blackmailer] was being aggressive. i am kind of careless with my information, i think that’s something i need to work on, and i wish i did not have to go through this alone.

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