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Emotional Manipulation in Relationships

When a manipulative individual wants to control another person and uses dishonest or exploitative tactics to do it, they are engaging in emotional manipulation. To sway and exert control over others, manipulators employ psychological deception and emotional blackmail. To achieve their goals, they desire to be in a position of power and influence over others. You could be working with emotional manipulation when someone frequently makes you feel mentally spent, uneasy, afraid, or dubious about your own needs, thoughts, and emotions.

In passive aggression, the manipulator maintains their bad sentiments or issues with a person to themselves. Instead, they come up with covert ways to criticize the other individual and vent their rage.

Some signs are:

  • Gaslighting

  • Passive-aggressive behavior

  • Lying

  • Making themselves into the victim

  • Snarky remarks when you don't listen

  • Threats and coerciveness

  • Isolation


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