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Male Survivors

The act of controlling someone else emotionally by criticizing, humiliating, shaming, blaming, or otherwise controlling them is referred to as emotional abuse. Emotional or mental abuse can occur in any relationship, including relationships with colleagues, relatives, and neighbors, although being more prevalent in dating and married partnerships. It can also encompass non-physical actions including intimidation, harassment, incessant monitoring, excessive calling, threats, insults, and degradation.

 Violence can occur to everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, which implies that straight men can be sexually assaulted by the other straight men, queer men, gender non-conforming men, or women, and gay men can be abused by straight men, other queer men, gender non-conforming men, or women.

Men who have been sexually abused or assaulted may have highly noticeable symptoms that are difficult to pin down with a single mental diagnostic. For instance, men who have experienced sexual assault frequently develop angry outbursts. Another scenario would be concerns with sexual function, including such decreased sexual drive or erectile dysfunction, that not only impair ones personal sense of masculinity and identity but also cause difficulties in romantic relationships. Additionally, they may experience a loss of capacity to love or be joyful, that would have an influence on each and every part of their lives. Many men feel that they are not masculine enough after dealing with sexual assault.

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