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Next Door Solutions To Domestic Violence

Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence is a domestic violence agency in Santa Clara and one of the largest providers of this service. Bea Robinson Mendez established this company in order to address the scarcity of resources and options available to domestic violence victims. Next Door Solutions was established after Mendez convened a small group of her friends to brainstorm a solution.

They offer friendly, considerate, free, and even bilingual services to everyone, regardless of background. Their organization wants to eliminate the stigma associated with domestic abuse so that it may be stopped and survivors can feel safer. Regularly, Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence holds events like the Light up City Hall Walk.

In order to encourage people to leave abusive relationships and to increase awareness of how widespread domestic abuse is, Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence also publishes testimonies from survivors. The work done by this organization has a huge impact and is renowned because it affects the lives of survivors. On their website, they welcome cash contributions as well as donations of soaps, sanitary supplies, and other products.

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