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North Dakota Laws on Rape

Disclaimer: These are not all the legislations and do not include all details. If you need help, please reach out to a lawyer or individual with legal expertise.

Gross sexual imposition is defined as engaging in a sexual act with an individual under the below circumstances or forcing others to engage sexually

  • Forces the victim to comply via threats of bodily harm or death

  • If the victim is physically unable to consent, unaware of the sexual act, less than 15 years old, and is unable of understanding the nature of events going on

  • Maximum sentence is 20 years imprisonment, 20k fine, or both

Sexual imposition is defined as partaking in any type of sexual contact or playing a role in others engaging in sexual contact. It can involve use of:

  • Any type of force or coercing

  • As a means of becoming a member of a gang

Sexual abuse of wards is defined as partaking in sexual contact with an individual or causing other individuals to engage in sexual contact if the offender has supervisory or disciplinary authority over the victim (prisons, hospitals, etc)

  • Maximum sentence is 5 years imprisonment, a fine of 10k, or both

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