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Online Dating Tips

Over 40 million Americans use online dating services so here's some ways to stay safe while meeting new people.

  1. Do not repeat photos across social medias. For instance, don't use a photo on your Instagram or Snapchat for your dating profile because it makes it much easier to find out all your information!

  2. If a profile looks suspicious, be wary because it probably is! Avoid connecting with them.

  3. Search up your date's full name online before meeting them in person and don't give them any types of personal information like your address.

  4. Do not allow your date to meet you at your house because that can be very dangerous. Make sure to meet in a public, crowded place.

  5. If you'd like to take additional steps to stay safe, ask your data to send a picture of ID.

  6. Most importantly, leave if you feel uncomfortable. You have no obligation to stay and if your data is partaking in actions that cause tension, let them know and get out of there. You can even ask your friends to come with you and watch from afar so if anything happens, they can help you!

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