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Party Culture

The term "party culture" describes the atmosphere surrounding many college campuses where drinking, doing drugs, and partying are commonplace. There are often students drinking alcohol while underage during gatherings. These students might be reluctant to tell their school about an assault they had while out drinking or at a party for fear of being punished for underage drinking. Numerous obstacles to disclosing school sexual assaults are created by the party and rape culture that is prevalent on many university campuses. 

Party scenes in the media frequently feature drunken couplings. You cannot be certain that someone is actually consenting to the behaviors they engage in when they are intoxicated or even a little drunk. Often, offenders try to make victims drunk to sleep with them non-consensually.  These sexual encounters are sexual assaults made possible by alcohol. When drunk, a person is unable to give consent and often their experience is discounted by their community. 

If you've experienced sexual assault on campus, research the services and resources offered by your institution to see what will work best for you. Get legal aid from a lawyer or legal advocate if at all possible.

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