Rape Kits

A rape kit is a resource for victims of sexual assault that many are unaware of. It helps preserve evidence of the assault to use for court cases and to store the information if needed later. Rape kits involve a detailed examination and victims are allowed to decline any part of the exam. If you are looking to get a rape kit done, do not use the restroom, shower, or do anything that may "wash off" the evidence. This is one of the most important tips, especially because many survivors shower right after their experience, and aren't able to get a rape kit.

As with all legal issues, evidence is key and that is the main reason to why one would be interested in a rape kit. The procedure is invasive and often feels dehumanizing but the results can be incredibly beneficial. Ultimately, rape kits are not for everyone and nobody should feel obligated to get one but if you do, check out the links below for some options or go to your nearest medical clinic.



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