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Red Flags in Online Dating

Online dating can be a fun and accessible way to meet new people and go on fun dates but it also can be very dangerous. Let's go over some red flags to look for in your dates.

  1. Asking for financial aid. Even if the amount is small, this can often be a warning sign, especially if it involves elaborate scenarios like a sudden family death or illness.

  2. Asks for personal information about you but refuses to reveal anything about themselves. If you ask them a regular question and they dodge it, note it.

  3. Requests your home address, past relationship information, office location, and more. For one, never give your date this information because it can lead to serious long-term ramifications.

  4. Sends threatening messages or repeatedly makes rude remarks. If you refuse to go on a date, they may try to force or blackmail you into it or emotionally manipulate you.

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