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SA in Hollywood

According to a study conducted by the Anita Hill-led Hollywood Commission on Sexual Harassment, 1 in 5 women who replied stated they had experienced sexual harassment or assault at work during the duration of their careers, and 1 in 20 indicated it had happened to them just in the past year.

The survey received responses from 5, 339 women. Over 2,250 of the women polled claimed to have received unwelcome sexual attention at work, and over 1,000 claimed to have been the victims of sexual coercion. The study discovered that the most prevalent form of harassment was gender harassment, which included jokes, remarks, and sexually derogatory phrases that were gender-specific. Unwanted sexual attention, such as being frequently approached for dates, beverages, or dinners, ranked as the second greatest frequent kind of harassment. The third frequent were sexual assault, which encompassed a variety of unwelcome activities from unwanted kissing and groping to non-consensual sexual contact, and sexual coercion, when sexual compliance was related to promotions or special treatment.

However, sexual assault impacts all genders and individuals even if this survey focuses on women.

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