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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

As many of you may already be aware, April is sexual assault awareness month! The goals of SAAM are to raise awareness of these crimes as well as to prevent them. The main objective of SAAM was to boost awareness, of the teal ribbon's significance. With newer advertisements that contain Spanish-language content, it has also expanded to Spanish-speaking viewers. It doesn't matter if such materials cover the same material as the English campaign in Spanish, have a distinct topic and style, or combine the two.

By the middle of the 2000s, SAAM had substantially embraced prevention, concentrating on locales like neighborhoods, businesses, and college campuses. These advertisements addressed how teaching respect and altering behavior might help people and communities prevent sexual assault before it occurs.

SAAM has concentrated on reaching audiences outside of activists in recent years, including individuals who might not be aware of their contribution to the fight against sexual violence. Recent resources have emphasized the practical steps each of us can take to avoid sexual assault while also highlighting how people like parents, church leaders, and coaches may become change agents.

This April will be the 22nd anniversary of SAAM so let's all play our role to help victims, raise awareness, and enforce anti-sexual harassment policies.

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