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Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Here are some related statistics from RAINN:

  • 5.8% of students are stalked at the start of college.

  • Male college students (18 to 24 years old) are 78% more likely to experience rape or sexual assault than non-students in their age group.

  • Female college students (18–24) are 20% less likely to experience rape or sexual assault than non-students of the same age.

  • 13% of college students have been the victim of rape or violent sexual assault.

Clearly, a huge portion of assault and rape occurs at universities. Often, victims don't report their assault or rape because they believe nobody will help them, are ashamed of something that is not at all their fault, and believed it wasn't significant enough to report.

During the first several months of their first and second semesters of college, students are more at risk. In August, September, October, or November, more than 50% of sexual assaults on college students take place.

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