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Talking To a Therapist

Talking to your instructors or counselors about any violence or harassment you have experienced or are now experiencing may prove to be beneficial. Be aware that, depending on the obligatory reporting laws in their areas, if you are under the age of 18, the majority of these people may be required to report the abuse to a government organization, such as law enforcement, child protective services, or a child sex abuse report hotline. As mandatory reporters, all instructors and school counselors are likely to record your comments if they deem it necessary.

Traditionally, mandated reporters are expected to submit a report when they suspect—or have reason to suspect—that—while doing their official duties—a child has been mistreated or neglected. The victim's name, residence, gender, age, parents' or guardians' names and addresses, the nature of the abuse, and the identity of the perpetrator are typically requested when submitting a report. After that, child protective services or law enforcement may open an investigation. Mandatory reporters are often not required by law to alert your parents or guardians about the abuse, even though they are frequently not prohibited from doing so.

No matter your age, the teacher, custodian, or cafeteria staff member you tell that you were assaulted, they will almost definitely need to inform the Title IX coordinator, another school administrator. The Title IX coordinator may need to make an inquiry without your consent in some situations to make sure you are secure and able to learn, based on your age, the severity of the assault, and the likelihood that your attacker will harm others.

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