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The Me Too Movement

Having the ability to live in a peaceful environment is a fundamental human right. However, every country in the globe continues to experience sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). 'me too.' International's pioneering, survivor-focused leadership on SGBV in 2017 served as an inspiration for the global #MeToo movement and social transformation. Even though the movement has helped survivors achieve significant victories, movements like "me too" continue to be under-resourced, lacking access to core, flexible, multi-year funding and institutional ties to one another. This is especially true of movements led by Black and Brown women in the US and around the world.

The movement's proponents use their personal experiences to illustrate how pervasive sexual harassment is. It is thought that increasing knowledge of sexual harassment and how frequently it is tolerated will decrease tolerance and strengthen the position of victims.

The two types of behavior that the Me Too campaign is primarily concerned with are sexual harassment and sexual assault. Although the exact legal definitions of these terms may vary from state to state, it is generally accepted that they refer to specific impermissible and unwanted sexual actions, particularly those that occur at work or in the classroom.

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