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The No More Movement

The blue NO MORE symbol is the first all-encompassing, unified emblem to convey widespread support for stopping sexual assault and domestic violence. Its circular, limitless design symbolizes how the entire world can cooperate without restrictions. It stands for a secure location where we can all assemble to help those who are impacted. There is hope for a future free of sexual assault and domestic abuse at the end of the tunnel.

Regardless of gender, race, age, region, or economic status, the NO MORE slogan makes a strong and unmistakable statement that is completely inclusive. The phrase should be used as frequently as possible to provide crucial context and speed up the process of educating the public about NO MORE and what we stand for.

The NO MORE movement has partnered with Uber to address the rising numbers of assault in rideshare rides, collaborated with the National Latin network to diversify the campaign, and more! The campaign involves over 28,000 people pledging to support NO MORE's campaign work and make a commitment to speak up, educate themselves, stand with survivors, and donate time/money.

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