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The Red Zone

The Red Zone Campaign is a nationwide initiative with the goal of breaking the taboo around sexual assault on college campuses, particularly during the time of the fall semester when it is most common.

The Red Zone, according to statistics, is the time between mid-August and Thanksgiving Break when more than 50% of occurrences of sexual assault on college campuses take place. Greek Society rushing and welcome-back celebration events take place around this time. Youngsters are now integrating into a school culture that they have never known before as eager freshman. 

Sororities are prohibited from hosting alcoholic gatherings or parties in their homes so  these regulations may exacerbate the pervasive rape culture on college. These kinds of social gatherings are hosted by fraternities on behalf of sororities, giving them a dominant position. Fraternities also choose attendees for these events based on their social standing and attractiveness.

In at attempt to fit, college students and especially college freshman try to fit the criteria of an individual who would be let in to these parties. They fall prey to rape culture and feel that they must go along with whatever is wanted from them by other party members to make friends and join the college culture.

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