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virtual cards

send cards with positive messages! this is a way to spread love and positivity virtually, so anyone can participate regardless of their location. click the link below to sign up! all cards will go to domestic violence homes and women's shelters.


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she's birdie partnership

we have partnered with she's birdie, a company that sells alarms. each alarm is 130 db loud (equivalent to a jet engine that is 100 feet above you) and has a flashing strobe light. the alarms are fairly cheap and easy to carry around.


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rise x nicole carter

sexual assault- from a clinical supervisor's perspective

on this episode, we are joined by nicole carter (@msnicole_c) to hear more about sex crimes from the perspective of a clinical supervisor and a owner of licensed practice. carter breaks down the clinical side of sexual assault and ways individuals can be more empathetic to those who have experienced sexual assault.

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